A great selection of high end international brands is waiting for you in waiting for you in our showroom. New styles, different designs, emerging brands and moreover, it is this that you can find here! In HFP the first rule is that the fashion has no size, for this reason our goal is to offer you a wide selection of sizes, you will never deprive yourself of what you really love!


An expert stylist will be present here to welcome all your requests and to choose the best for you.If you are uncertain about which look to choose, or you want to completely change your style, this is the right place for you! An expert stylist will be here to welcome you and recommend the looks that best suit your characteristics and your personality.



Beauty comes first, and that is why we take care of our customers at 360 °. Our beauty bars will show you the new beauty trends and they will suggest you the best solutions for you. All you needs will be satisfied in our corner, you will shine like a star! 


If your passion is modeling or you aspiring to work in the fashion, our creative space is the place for you! Among the services that you can request there are photos and videos production! Our experts will provide you very exclusive content for your portfolio and your social media pages!


Do you need a style refreshment or you are tired of your old outfif? Great our personal shopper is the right solution for you! From the choose of the perfect outfit to the re-style, whatever your wishes, our experts will be at your complete disposal, offering you an incomparable experience.