About Us



Who are we?

High Fashion Plus is the first professional, independent plus size blog, created by Fashion Greatness Group. Our team is full of women who’ve experienced moments when they lacked self confidence or faced ignorance and prejudice because they didn’t meet the accepted ‘right’ standards. We live in the 21st century but, despite fast-moving technological development, there’s still something in people’s minds that leads them to judge by appearance.

What is our aim? Who is in our team?

We do believe in the diversity of women’s beauty and we know the struggle of every woman who is something more than just a retouched picture in Vogue. Our aim is to make a difference, not just in the fashion world but in people’s minds too, to ensure that beauty and style have no size and shape. We want to show every curvy lady how to express her inner beauty on the outside, with professional designers’ advice specifically for plus size. That’s why we’ve created High Fashion Plus. We have many friends to help, leading professionals in the fashion industry such as:
-Karizza, a New York based plus size photographer of international renown;
-Fiona, an editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine (Biba), one of the top 5 in Europe.
-Anna VARAVA, who is also an editor-in-chief of L’officiel magazine.
-Luba Makarenko,founder of SAYYA and designer of plus size luxury brand AMA Unique .
You can also follow Key Opinion Leaders on Instagram: Diana Sirokai, Daisy Christina, Meara Rose, Jessica Garcia, Jenesia Torres and Gia Suarez.


Where to look for advice?

We’ve divided the blog into the following categories:

ARTICLES: where you can find information about current plus size trends in the fashion world, how to style particular garments, accessories, prints, colours and much more;
EVENTS: where we share information about worldwide events devoted to plus size:
DESIGNERS’ ADVICE: where you can find professional reviews of plus size celebrities’ outfits .

What have we already done?

Arthur Frantchuk von Manstein, the mastermind behind the project, worked in collaboration with Radiance Aesthetics and Wellness to organize Fashion and Beauty Night, at which, along with plus size fashion photographer Karizza’s work with Diana Sirokai, High Fashion Plus was officially presented in New York on the 7th February.

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