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The summer is arrived and it’s time to go to the beach. Everybody looking for the perfect swimsuit, the one that makes us feel beautiful and that fits us like a feather. A difficult choice, especially when faced with the number of proposals we find.

That’s why we thought of giving you some tips on this. According to your body shapes, you can find has arrived a lot of things, some of them add value on your body but others that instead while loving them, they are not able to show you the best part of you. Let’s start immediately with the first type of body: 


APPLE: a fitted swimsuit is the best fit for the figure Apple. Pay attention to models with wide straps or ties at the neck, a V-shaped or square neckline. You need to choose fabric without gloss, monophonic, with a small pattern is recommended


HOURGLASS :for small breasts fit separate swimsuit, a bust in the shape of triangles. Slim legs can emphasize a high-cut swimsuit.Do not forget about wide comfortable straps. Closed swimsuit, as well as separate, should provide support for the chest.Discard models with shorts and look for models with a pattern in the form of vertical stripes.

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