Type of figure Pear. How to dress, what to wear

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Type of figure Pear. How to dress, what to wear. How to choose clothes according to the type of
figure Pear.

1. Shoulders – narrow and / or sloping.
2. Thin waist compared to lower body.
3. Legs are usually full or muscular.

But the most important feature of the figure Pear is the wider / volumetric / full lower body (hips,
buttocks, legs) compared to the upper body.

The owners of the figure are the pear, such famous persons as:
Beyonce, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Colin McLaughlin, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kristen
Davis, Leona Lewis, Keira Knightley.


How to dress, if you – Pear
Since the lower body is in our case some problem, there are several basic strategies on which the
wardrobe and the selection of clothes for the Pear type are built.

One of them is to divert attention from the hips by emphasizing the upper part of the body – from
the waist and above. This trick will help add volume to your upper body.

If you are proud of your beautiful curves, then there is no point in hiding them – on the contrary,
show them! Here are some strategies for choosing clothes for Pears.

Wardrobe Strategy:
1. Light colors of clothes (white, light pink, beige, etc.)
2. Bright, bold colors (shades of red, orange, bright blue, etc.)
3. Details: stripes, polka dots, sequins, zippers, collars / lapels, and other eye-catching details.
4. Sleeves-bells, sleeves-kimono.
5. Breast cutouts.
6. Bra push-up (push-up).
7. Scarves and scarves again!


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