Plus Size Jewelry Accessories

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Plus Size Jewelry Accessories

The right jewelry can provide a wonderful accent to any of your outfits, while the wrong jewelry creates an unflattering detractor to even the most beautiful pieces in your wardrobe. If you’re a plus size, curvy girl, then choosing the right jewelry is even more important.

The Most Flattering Jewelry for Plus Size Women

What types of jewelry should you look for if you’re a curvy woman?  What should you keep in mind when looking for beautiful pieces of jewelry?

1). Body shape and height

Plus Size Jewelry Accessories

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Be sure to keep your body shape and height in mind when shopping for jewelry. Proportion is important for anyone, but more so for curvy gals. Avoid dainty, tiny jewelry of any type, as they tend to get lost. Instead, look for jewelry that elongates your neck and hits at flattering lengths. For example, if you have a round face, then avoid circular hoop earrings, and instead choose an elongated circle or elliptical shape. These tend to make a round face look longer and leaner. For necklaces, choose those that are long enough to help make your neck look a little longer. They tend to draw the eye up and down, making your body look longer and leaner from head to toe.

2). Wear only one statement piece

Plus Size Jewelry Accessories

When you’re choosing your jewelry, remember to wear only one statement piece. You want the focus on that piece, rather than looking like an over-decorated Christmas tree. Too many statement pieces can be distracting, and the look’s not at all elegant. For example, if you choose a statement necklace, then wear earrings that are more understated, so they don’t compete with your face or the necklace.

3). Proper fit

Look for jewelry that fits your perfectly. Avoid wearing jewelry that looks too tight and is uncomfortable for you. Not only does this not look attractive, but it can even make you seem even curvier than you actually are. Instead, opt for rings and bracelets that are adjustable. You can even use extenders for bracelets and necklaces to add enough length to let the jewelry fit correctly.


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