Plus Size Jewelry Accessories: What to Wear for Different Occasions

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Wearing the right jewelry for your body shape and height is only the beginning. Next you’ll need to consider what type of jewelry is appropriate for different occasions. For example, what you wear on a date may not be the best choice to wear at the office, etc.

Jewelry for the office or university

Plus Size Jewelry Accessories: What to Wear for Different Occasions

When choosing jewelry to wear at the office or the university, the same rules apply:

  • Avoid jewelry that’s noisy, such as bangle bracelets, charm bracelets or earrings that make clinking noises. These can be distracting for you and your coworkers.
  • Avoid anything that’s large and flashy: bling isn’t appropriate for the office. Stay away from wearing any jewelry with large, flashy stones such as pendants, bracelets or cocktail rings.
  • Opt for jewelry that fits the proportions of your body. Good choices include stud earrings (with or without stones), simple, but elegant pendants and bracelets and rings.

Jewelry to wear for a party

Jewelry to wear for a party

What you choose to wear to a party depends on how informal or formal the party is.

  • Formal party: match your jewelry to your attire. If the event is a black tie affair, then choose classic pieces. Choose from your favorite stones, gold or silver, etc. Remember pearls are always a classy option for formal parties. You can wear some bling, but remember to wear only one statement piece.
  • Informal party: again, match your jewelry to your attire. Almost anything goes for an informal party. These days you can wear just about any piece of jewelry you’d like with skirts, denim, dresses, jeans, etc. Just be sure the jewelry fits your body shape and your height.

Jewelry for date night

Plus Size Jewelry Accessories: What to Wear for Different Occasions

Date nights can be fun and sexy; however, you should be sure to choose jewelry that puts the emphasis on you and your personality. You can choose anything from classic pieces to vintage or modern pieces of jewelry. Be sure to avoid too much bling and instead choose pieces that emphasize your face, elongate your neck and body, etc. Again, stay with only one statement piece. You don’t want to overdo it.

Jewelry can be a plus size girl’s best friend, with many options to accessorize. Choose jewelry that fits your body and height, be sure to stick with pieces that are appropriate for the event—from work to parties—and stay with wearing only one statement piece. Be sure your jewelry is a beautiful accessory and you’ll be the best dressed woman around by following these simple tips.



  1. Elee says:

    Wow, I love the post! So beautiful! And useful, I did not know that it was so important, but I would agree that sometimes even some of my accessories could make me look shorter than I really am, which was frustrating. I also would like to see how to combine jelewry with necklines.

  2. Elvira says:

    Nice one , i like it !


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