5 must have clothes in a plus size wardrobe

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5 must have clothes in a plus size wardrobe

How to look trendy, sexy and stylish? How a plus size girl can attract the attention of men and collect complements? Which look is better to pick?

Today, the educational project High Fashion Plus will tell you about small features of the wow-wardrobe.

Knitted cardigans

A stylish option for the demi-season image. You can choose cardigans of pastel colors to create a gentle, romantic image (gray, pastel blue, ash pink), or bright shimmering shades that emphasize self-confidence and sexuality (sunny-yellow, turquoise, terracotta). Cardigan is appropriate everywhere. It goes well with jeans, and with a narrow skirt or tight dress. Ideal length – to the knee or below. Paired with a shirt and jeans of the same color, the cardigan slits and pulls out the figure.

Knitted cardigans for plus size

Knitted cardigans for plus size


High-wasted jeans are back again, they featly emphasize advantages of girls, with a beautiful waist and rounded hips. It is very advisable to combine them with short tops and chiffon vaporous blouses. Avoid low-cut jeans, with a low step, with large pockets or asymmetrical details.

Skinny jeans make the hips more expressive, although they visually increase them.

Take this particular part of the wardrobe carefully, as they form the basis of the casual look.

Jeans for plus size

Tops, T-shirts, tunics

Knitted single-tone tunics and tops are a practical part of the wardrobe. If you want to emphasize the beauty of hands and shoulders, you can also choose tight-fitting T-shirts with a beautiful neckline: white, black, multi-colored. You should be careful with large prints, because the picture can be distorted on a full breast. Choose tops and tunics of saturated colors, with 3/4 or short sleeve with an open neck. The asymmetric edge of a free tunic looks stylish and original.

Tops, T-shirts, tunics for plus size

Little black dress

There must always be a small black dress In wardrobe, because it adorns any woman, regardless of the body type. To look sexy, choose dresses with high cuts, exposing your legs, or draw attention with deep décolleté and open shoulders.

Little black dress for plus size

Women’s trouser suits

If you are a business lady, in your basic wardrobe you need at least one elegant strict trouser suit. A jacket and trousers thin the silhouette, thanks to the one whole color and texture of the entire set. Wear a jacket unbuttoned or just thrown over your shoulders, tuck or pull up your sleeves – this is a classic that will never come out of  fashion.

 Women's trouser suits plus size

And, of course, advice for all times – finish your outfit with a charming smile, do not be afraid to experiment, make bright accents. And right before going out, stay for a couple of minutes and look in the mirror, admire your beloved self and say to yourself: I am the best!


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