Basic Plus Size Wardrobe

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What clothes should you pay attention to?

 What is better with what, how to emphasize your advantages and hide your disadvantages? The educational High Fashion Plus gives the answers to these questions.

So, these are the key details you have to know about, picking up a basic plus size wardrobe:

  • Materials. The choice of fabric depends on which element of the figure a plus size girl wants to emphasize. Shiny, textured, glossy fabrics attract attention and add volume, and smooth and matte ones slender.
Plus Size Wardrobe
Basic Plus Size Wardrobe
  • The fit and cut visually can thin and narrow the figure, for example, a maxi dress, which suits tall girls as well as short girls. If there is a desire to seem higher, a long dress will hide heels. You can also pick up stylish sandals.
  • Colors. Light tones make a figure look bigger, and dark ones narrow it. If you want to emphasize the breast and visually enlarge it, choose light tops and blouses with a cutout. They can be combined with dark skirts of A-silhouette, so that the bottom looks neat and thin. Jeans  look beautiful combined with monochrome bright-colored blouses: don`t be afraid to add lusciousness to your image. Raspberry, terracotta, and mustard – these shades will glam you up.Remember that in one look you should combine no more than 3 colors, one of which is basic and the other two are complementary. Also do not forget to add a smile and a good mood to your stunning image. After all, a happy and self-confident girl is always beautiful!


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