The Cosmos Mysteries

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The Cosmos Mysteries

Colors are always of great importance in fashion. Those who keep up with fashion trends should keep up with vogue colors.

According to the Pantone Institute version, the Spring–Summer’18 colors tendencies are based on the fashion collections presented at the New York Fashion Week. The new spring Panton palette is no longer consisted only 10 traditional colors, but of 16 colors divided into two parts.

The main trendy color of 2018 year is:

The Cosmos Mysteries

On December 7th Panton announced Ultra Violet as the color of this year.

It is an unearthly cosmic violet, which symbolizes originality, innovation and visionary thinking leading us into the future. Ultraviolet is very similar to the purple violet from late rock era of singer Prince and his song “Symbol of love number two”. This color reminds everyone of the indelible trace of the singer in music, art, fashion and culture. However, the difference between Ultra Violet-2018 and Love Symbol is that ultra violet is brighter and more mysterious, as if illuminated by the magical reflection of a distant star.

The Cosmos Mysteries

Ultra Violet was presented to the public as a symbol of mystical or spiritual potentials, growing self-awareness. This color is perfect for those who seek refuge from today’s extremely tensed and overloaded with external impulses world.

Historically, Ultraviolet has always been associated with people of spiritual rank and mystics. With regard to our present reality, it is as it was an implicit symbol of the need to think about the eternal and the state of our ecosystem.

So, the lovers of fashion and style, the educational team of High Fashion Plus project gives recommendation to stock up with ultraviolet skirts, dresses, suits and handbags. This color promotes self-confidence and symbolizes love and harmony.


  1. Jessyka Müller says:

    The mix of colors for us plus size has become a way of saying that we should only use basic black. I love the warm tones like reds, oranges, and I can blend colors and different style! I really liked this post. For it shows that in the curvilinear we leave our black cocoon. Great post

    1. lena says:

      We are happy you liked our posts! This is exactly what our aim is – showing plus size beauties that they can be as colourful and bright as their souls. Let’s get out of the cocoon!

    2. Ben Spirithou says:

      Thank you so much! your point of view is welcome .

  2. Ben Spirithou says:

    Thank you so much Jessyka for your contribution.

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